Monday, July 18, 2011

Dragged,kicking&screaming, into the 21st century:)

Not only has our son persuaded me to join Google+, he's also persuaded his dear old parents that it's time to follow his example and start shifting as many of our bills as possible to Direct Payment (withdrawn directly from our checking account) or online payment. I've been hesitant for years due to a fear that records of our payments might be lost. But reports of such problems date back several years. Now that online and direct payments have become so commonplace that our son has never used his checkbook, I think we're safe. So why waste money paying for checks and postage when we can pay many of our bills for free, especially since we're looking forward to my husband's retirement from his tax and accounting practice next spring?

Who knows, maybe my cousin will finally persuade me to join Facebook. But I refuse to waste my time on Twitter.


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